Step 1: View the Home

  • Click on the property that you are interested in viewing.
  • Next click the blue button Schedule Showing.
  • Enter your contact information and then select from the available viewing times.
  • Two hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive a text asking you to confirm your appointment.
  • Once you confirm the appointment, you will be texted the code to the lockbox.
  • Please be sure to return the key to the lockbox once you are finished viewing the home.

Step 2: Apply for the Home

  • Apply online through the specific property listing on our Residential Listings page.
  • For additional help applying online, our leasing agents can assist you in person by applying in our office during office hours.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
  • An application must be submitted by each adult over the age of 21 living in the home.
  • A non-refundable $40 application fee must be paid before an application will be reviewed.

Step 3: Application Requirements

  • Proof of income and proof of identity must be attached to this application in order for it to be processed.
  • In order for your application to be processed, it must meet all of the following requirements. If it is missing any of the following information, your application review process could be delayed.
  • Co-signers must reside in the same county as the property the co-applicant is applying for, must also show proof of enough income to support both households, and must pass credit check.
  • Total household net income must be at least 3 times the amount of the monthly rent.
  • Verifiable proof of income. Only the following will be accepted as proof of income: recent official pay stubs, official benefit verification letter, or if self-employed, we will require your most recent tax return.
  • Must be employed for at least the last 3 months.
  • Copy of Photo ID and Social Security Card for anyone living in the home over 18 years old.

Step 4: Application Review Process

  • Once submitted, processing times vary with each application, but typically take between 4 and 6 business days. If you are missing any of the required information above, the process could be delayed.
  • To expedite the application review process, please be sure that you include all of the required information in your application before you submit.
  • One of our leasing agents will call or email you once your application has been fully processed. If your application is approved, you will receive an Approval Email from us stating the terms of your lease (i.e. Security Deposit amount, prorated rent, lease start date) and that we are holding the property for you until the date and time specified in the Approval Email. You will be required to contact us immediately to confirm the terms of the lease. In most cases, you must be willing and able to start your lease within Two Business Days after approval. The full Security Deposit and Prorated Rent will be due by the Lease Start Date.
  • The security deposit amount is based on applicant rental and credit history.
  • Please be aware that any false information on your application will be grounds for denial.

Step 5: Security Deposit and Lease Signing

  • The full Security Deposit and Prorated Rent are due by Lease Start Date and must be paid online through our tenant portal via e-check, debit or credit card.
  • Once the Security Deposit and Prorated Rent have been paid, we will send you a link to sign your lease electronically.
  • Once all parties have signed the lease, we will release the key to the property and you will be able to move into your new residence immediately.
  • Please note that all future rent payments will also be required to be paid online through our tenant portal or can be paid through an Electronic Cash System at any CVS location. (No payments will be accepted in our office).

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