It’s starting to get hot outside! While you may be tempted to enter vacation mode and work on that sun-kissed glow, there are a few home matters you should take into consideration. For starters, is your air conditioner ready to work hard for you this summer? One of the best ways to save money and improve efficiency in your home is through A/C maintenance. You can also do several things in the home to reduce the work of your A/C and help save even more! Here’s how:

Close the Blinds and Draw the Curtains

Opening the windows and letting the fresh air in is one of the best ways to celebrate heading into spring and summer. A perfect match for spring-cleaning, listening to the birds and the breeze will make your home less stuffy and stale. But, be smart. During the hottest part of the day, make sure to close the blinds and draw the curtains. Doing so will stop the sun from heating up your house, help to insulate your windows and block out any street noise.

Use a fan

Considered a throwback by some, the power of a fan is understated. Whether ceiling or standing, fans are a good go-to for keeping cool – especially for sleeping. Easy to move and available in different sizes, they just might make for a good DIY project.

A trusty tidbit: a ceiling fan can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler and uses a tiny fraction of the energy of a central air conditioner. You can also run the fan at the same time as your A/C for even more efficiency and savings.

Adjusting your thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider making manual adjustments based on the time of day and your activities.

  • Turn the thermostat up 5-8 degrees about 30 minutes before you leave for work: This will make it comfortable for you in the morning hours, but reduce your energy consumption while no one is home for the day. You can return to normal temperatures when you return home after work.
  • Turn the temperature up a few degrees while you sleep: Your body naturally reduces its temperature when you sleep by 1-2 degrees. If you can comfortably rest with a lighter blanket or sheet, or without any covering altogether, you have the flexibility of lowering your temperature a few more degrees to achieve comfort.

Get Out and About

For most of us, the bright sun and clear skies means spending more time outside with family and friends. When it comes to barbecuing and swimming, get the best of both worlds: some fun in the sun and a sure-fire way of giving your A/C a break. In addition to bringing the community together, these activities will prevent you from breaking a sweat and experiencing a heat wave in the kitchen.

Keep It Clean

Leading to the change in season, either clean or replace the filter in your air conditioner. Although regular maintenance of your A/C is recommended, this quick fix will allow the system to work less and ensure lower energy costs.

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