Winter is the time of year where we tend to hibernate. Going outside requires extensive layering, and bad weather makes us just want to sit at home and watch movies. But when spring arrives, it’s almost like we all come out of hibernation. In addition to planning your exciting summer activities and opening the windows to get some fresh air in your house, you should also consider some spring home maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and to keep your rental property in tip-top shape.

As a renter, you’re not required to perform major repairs or significant maintenance on your rental home, but here are a few spring tips to transition into this lovely season and keep your home looking great and remaining efficient through the seasonal transition.

Clean the Gutters

Although you might not see it, your gutters are probably full of dead leaves and debris after the fall and winter. Cleaning the gutters is a spring task that should be done every year, and the reason for that is two-fold. For one, clogged gutters will cause them not to work properly and could cause rainwater to spill over and flood areas where water is not meant to go. Additionally, dirty gutters might also include dead leaves and debris spilling over, making your home look shabby and unappealing.

Wash the Deck

After a season of bad weather, chances are, your deck or patio is starting to look a little worse for the wear. One of our top spring tips for rental homes is to simply clean your deck. This could be as easy as using a gentle cleaning product and a hose or taking out the pressure washer to make sure the deck is free of any mildew or debris that got stuck over the winter. This way, when the temperatures rise and patio season arrives, you can entertain on your deck without having to worry about any gross debris or unsightly mess.

Prepare the Lawn for Spring

If your rental home includes a beautiful yard, you should also consider adding lawn work to your home maintenance checklist. Aerating the lawn and spreading fertilizer on any bare patches will get you ready for summer and produce a lush, beautiful lawn that your neighbors will admire. Additionally, you should double-check your lawn mower to make sure it’s ready to cut the grass when needed.

Spruce Up the Flowerbeds

Spring is also the best time to get your flowerbeds in order. This doesn’t need to be an involved process, and many renters can simply head to the nearest garden center and get a few plants and flowers to add some dimension and color to the property. In many cases, using native plants and flowers is best because these species are most likely to thrive in the area. The North Carolina Native Plant Society has a helpful list of native shrubs, trees, and flowers that would look great and be easy to maintain.

Replace Air Filters

If your home has an AC unit, it’s probably been sitting dormant for months. But now is the time that you should start thinking about using it again. Spring is a short season, and before long we will be right in the middle of summer. Before using your AC for the first time this year, replace air filters to ensure the system is working efficiently. This will also help reduce allergens in the home and keep you comfortable.

Looking for more home maintenance spring tips? Contact The Rogers Group and learn more about what you can do to get your rental property ready for spring!


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